Closing The Sale

Ask For The Order


  • Do you find closing a sale is the most difficult part of a sale?
  • Do you find that your sales team is not able to bring in expected business even during the period of bull -run?
  • Do you, as an individual feel that you need sales training to enhance your skills, improve job prospects and increase your market value?
  • Do you feel that your sales team requires authentic, powerful and result oriented input training?
  • If your answer is ‘YES’ to any of the above questions, here is a training to dispel your fears on closing a sale, bring in expected business, and make you self confident to face even the most difficult questions your prospects throw at you. Just look at the unique features of this training below.

Course Content:

  • The Start up Principles- Developing powerful personality through ‘Pancha Mantras’
  • Why people buy- The Buying Motives
  • Prospecting- The great Treasure Hunt
  • Most effective Techniques of Sales Closing
  • How to deal with Objections and Stalling
  • Practical Tips for a Win-Win Close

On Completing the Course you will be able to know:

  • How to approach a client
  • The techniques of effective Sales Closing
  • How to do powerful prospecting
  • How to convert objections into positive sales proposals
  • How to be confident and assertive in helping the client to take a right decision

How to understand the most effective Sales terms

Course Duration:

  • One Day.