Effective Public Speaking

Speak Your Mind

Course Content:

  • Identifying Levels of Awareness
  • Learning through three level understanding- Auditorily, Visually, and Kinesthetically
  • Identifying the individual strengths and transforming the fears into confidence
  • Skill Building- Creating your baseline public speaking skills
  • Leveraging your own strengths for your unique style
  • Observe, evaluate and increase your output
  • Integrate audience feedback
  • Creating powerful and compelling speeches
  • Monetize your skill


  • Verbal, Visual, and Experiential

Who should attend:

This Course is for you if –

  • You are an employee, businessman, entrepreneur, professional or academic
  • You want to enhance your skills for your personal or professional growth
  • You enjoy inspiring and motivating others
  • Or simply want to know why all successful people can talk well, yes, in public!

What you gain from this course:

  • After successful completion of this course you will:
  • Learn how to speak in public confidently and convincingly
  • Develop your own style of speaking
  • Understand how to grab the attention of the audience
  • Learn how to prepare powerful and compelling speeches
  • Get personalized feedback for even more powerful and effective speeches

Duration of the Course:

  • Two Days.