Induction Training

Welcome Aboard

What is induction?

Induction is a technique by which a new employee enters a Corporate from Campus , introduced to the practices, policies and culture of the Organisation. It is also a welcome process by which the new entrant feels comfortable before actually engaged in the process of integrating in the organization.

Why Induction?

  • To introduce to the right culture of the Organization
  • To reduce start up cost
  • To reduce anxiety
  • To reduce employee turnover cost
  • To save time for supervisors and co workers
  • To develop realistic job expectations, positive attitude and job satisfaction.

Soft skills part of the Induction Program for new recruits

  • Getting to know each other- Ice Breaker
  • A peek or insight into the Chosen Career- scope and path of chosen profession
  • The Big Picture-Organization set up, Ethos, and Demands
  • Understanding Self- unearthing of Potential, Skills and Changing behaviors
  • Tracking the traits- Grooming to be the Human Asset
  • The Best fit- Integration of Personal goals with the organizational goals

For whom is this Training:

  • For new employees before joining an organization, existing employees who have not undergone the Induction process before joining.

Who should hire us?

  • Banks, Insurance companies Corporates, Business enterprises


  • In-company program
  • Class room, Presentation and AV

On successful completion of the training the trainees would be able to:

  • Understand the career path in their organization
  • Get to know the vision, mission of the organization
  • Understand the individual strengths and opportunities which could be used for the organizational growth
  • Internalize the Corporate ethos, integrate with the organization and grow as an important asset of the organization


  • Two days.